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Structure Tone | Compliance & Ethics Policy
Strcture Tone is more than a global company, we are responsible neighbours in communities around the world. View our approach to UK tax.
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Our Approach to UK Tax

StructureTone is more than a global company, we are responsible corporate citizens and neighbours in communities around the world. We believe it is our obligation to add value to these communities beyond the professional services we provide. We understand the importance of taxes in the context of the communities in which we operate and we take a responsible approach to the management of our tax obligations.
In the UK, our principal business is the provision of general contracting and construction management services, primarily in London and the South East.

We are a full-service General Contractor that has the capability, people, experience, and financial strength to meet our client’s needs across a broad range of project types and sizes. Our core sectors are:

• Commercial Interior Fit Out,
• Building Refurbishment & Infrastructure Upgrades
• Mission Critical

We operate under the following principles:

a. Approach to tax risk management and governance arrangements
• We comply with tax law and practice in all of the territories in which we operate, including the UK. Compliance for us means paying the right amount of tax in the right place at the right time, involves disclosing all relevant facts and circumstances to the tax authorities, claiming reliefs and incentives where available and operating in line with the commitments of this strategy.
• Our internal team of finance professionals will provide expert support and guidance in relation to tax matters where possible.
• Where matters are outside the expertise of the internal team, outside assistance shall be sought by reputable tax advisors in order to ensure compliance with the local legislation.

b. Level of tax risk accepted
• We will consider and may respond to, applicable tax incentives and exemptions.
• We aim to execute our portfolio through contracts which have a low risk profile and predictable cash flows, this extends to both the commercial operation of the contracts and their tax implications.
• It is important to us to maintain our responsible tax compliant reputation in order to position ourselves as responsible and reliable professional service providers.

c. Attitude towards tax planning
• We shall only engage in tax planning that is aligned with commercial and economic activity and must have been evaluated to ensure that it meets the law.

d. Approach to dealing with HMRC
• We shall be open and transparent with tax authorities.
• We shall provide all relevant information that is necessary for the review of any possible tax risks by tax authorities.
• We shall work collaboratively with the relevant tax authorities in order to achieve early agreement on any disputed issues, wherever possible.

This UK tax strategy applies to all UK group companies: StructureTone International Limited, StructureTone Limited (UK) and StructureTone Limited (Ireland) and has been approved by the relevant Directors, in accordance with paragraph 22 of Schedule 19 to the Finance Act 2016. It applies from the date of publication until it is superseded.

Published: March 2019