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LF Driscoll Safety - Structure Tone
At LF Driscoll, safety is a core value, a moral obligation. We are committed to the promise that every worker on every job site goes home safely, every single day.
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A core value, a moral obligation

At LF Driscoll, safety is not simply a priority because priorities change. Instead, safety is a core value, a moral obligation and an essential element of who we are. It is part of our DNA. We are committed to the promise that every worker on every jobsite goes home safely, every single day.

We have the largest construction safety staff in our region, and their only job is safety management. Our staff is not only OSHA trained, but also trained through our own “Safety 360” program, which focuses on behavior-based safety. We’re also participants in the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and have multiple VPP Star Construction sites.

We partner with the Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council to provide 10 and 30-hour and OSHA training for all of our staff. We also require subcontractor foremen to complete the 30-hour OSHA training. As a result, our 2017 EMR is 0.78 – well below the national average.

Our firm established the LF Driscoll Healthcare Center of Excellence: a 30-hour training program in healthcare construction protocols that prepares our builders for the Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) program offered by the American Hospital Association. Read more about LF Driscoll Healthcare hereGo to

Life and Safety Protocols

Ensure the safety of patients, staff and workers

  • Life safety systems testing & labeling
  • Hot works permits & fire safety
  • Prevent dust mitigation
  • Global harmonized system
  • Air quality control
Download the LF Driscoll 2018 Corporate Safety Manual

Proven Safety Protocols in Occupied Space

Ensure work is not disruptive to patients & staff

  • Active air quality and monitoring
  • Robust barriers
  • Documents protocols
  • Promote effective safety & health
  • 2015 GBCA Safety Excellence AWARD

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