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Safety first is so important to the Structure Tone organization | Construction Safety | Safety360
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A Safety Story from Structure Tone Boston’s Safety Director

On one of our sites, an electrical foreman received a call that a sheet metal worker had been shocked while wrapping duct work in the kitchen area. When the foreman arrived at the area of the incident, he looked around and noticed a junction box with spliced wires and no wire nuts.

The electrical foreman immediately put a non-contact voltage tester to one of the wires and saw that there was voltage present. He then turned off the only lighting circuit breaker that was turned on to feed that floor and capped the wires. Although he was a little shaken up, the sheet metal worker said he felt fine but one of our superintendents insisted he go to the hospital and get checked out.

After the incident, our team ensured there was proper signage on all panels. They requested access to the electrical rooms in case of emergency, and even created a Method of Operation (MOP) checklist which had to be completed on all floors before each shift. Finally, they held an “All Hands” safety meeting to inform everyone onsite about these changes.