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Hofstra University – Interim Medical School Building - Structure Tone
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Hofstra University – Interim Medical School Building

While their new medical school was underway, Hofstra University students and faculty needed a space to continue their cutting-edge study and research in facilities that met their high standards.

Structure Tone New York helped the university convert a 70,000sf, two-story structure into an interim medical school building that features state-of-the-art labs paired with classroom, study and public spaces; lecture halls; a medical library; a tiered, 120-seat auditorium; a two-story atrium/entrance; faculty offices; an administration area; a cafeteria and locker rooms.

The 20-workstation anatomy lab, one of the specialized spaces, is the main focus of the building. It required custom air conditioning, humidification and dehumidification systems and special walk-in refrigeration for the care and maintenance of medical cadavers. In order to support the specific needs of the anatomy lab and bring the building up to code, the building’s infrastructure was completely upgraded. Upgrades included new electrical and gas service, as well as installation of 24 AC units, HVAC, and fire alarm and protection and security systems. One of the most advanced features of the facility is the state-of-the-art A/V system. The anatomy lab has the capability to broadcast its activities to the classrooms, lecture halls and common areas, each equipped with video screens, for students to tune in to.

With its location near the gymnasium, recreation center, athletic field and a student dormitory, this sports-related area of campus is heavily traveled. During preconstruction, our staff created a safety plan for the project. To protect students and faculty during construction, protective fencing and directional signage was installed. Material delivery and removal was coordinated to have as little impact on daily campus activities as possible.

To enhance the pedestrian experience, exterior upgrades included expansion and improvement to the parking area; installation of new lighting, sidewalks and bike rack; and construction of a new, decorative curved wall leading from the parking area to the building. To create a new welcoming front entrance, our staff oversaw the installation of all new pavers, brick and landscaping, including new trees and shrubs. To protect and manage stormwater, the work included the excavation and installation of all new drainage structures. In keeping with the Hofstra identity, new signage with lighting was installed in front of the building.

Throughout the project the team met regularly with the faculty of the Medical School, including Dean Lawrence F. Smith, M.D., to review the progress and walk the job. Since this is an interim facility while their permanent home is being designed and ultimately constructed, this gave the dean the opportunity to implement and experiment with the layout and features—it’s a live test facility. He was thrilled with the outcome and the quality of the facility, ready to put the new anatomy lab to work.

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Hofstra University


Hempstead, NY




HLW International

Project Duration

44 Weeks



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