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Structure Tone News & Insights - Q&A With Adam Rowe
Adam Rowe is Structure Tone International’s newest divisional director. Learn more about his previous experience and his goals for Structure Tone.
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Q&A with Adam Rowe, Structure Tone International’s New Divisional Director

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Construction professional Adam Rowe has joined our London office as the divisional director of Interiors. Here Adam shares some of his background and goals for his new role with Structure Tone.

Q/ Where were you working before you joined Structure Tone London?

A/ Previously I worked at Tetris-Bluu (now Tetris) as head of traditional business.

Q/ Tell us about the experience you bring.

A/ I have spent the past 28 years delivering projects across the length and breadth of the UK using various procurement routes and with a variety of clients and professional teams. I began my carrier path on the very cold face of the construction industry, working on the tools and working hard to work my way up. That experience is unique and carries the “nuts and bolts” of the industry from an operational, commercial and client-facing viewpoint. 

Q/ What appealed to you about working at Structure Tone?

A/ I have worked in various businesses over the past years and always felt that we had been punching above our weight. I joined Structure Tone so that I feel that I have the backing to make every opportunity reachable.

Q/ What’s the greatest lesson you have learned in the construction industry?

A/ The greatest lesson I learned was all about the client and what they stand for, where they sit within our business, what they expect and what we need to be for our client. We all need to remember that every business needs a purpose, and that purpose should be our client. That’s a lesson I learned from one of my very first clients, and one that has kept me in good stead ever since.



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