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Structure Tone and EcoRise team up to educate the world’s next generation of green leaders - Structure Tone
Structure Tone is a global leader in construction management and general contracting services with offices located in the US, UK, and Ireland. Founded in 1971, the company is among the world’s top twenty construction companies worldwide, responsible for more than $3.5B in annual construction volume.
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Structure Tone and EcoRise team up to educate the world’s next generation of green leaders

New York, NY (August 13, 2018) – EcoRise, the school-based nonprofit which develops curriculum, training and grants for teachers educating K–12 students on sustainability topics, and construction management firm Structure Tone are joining forces to train teachers across the country on how to bring sustainability, leadership and innovation into their classrooms.


EcoRise’s unique program encourages students to tackle real-world challenges in their communities by providing teachers with compelling material on sustainable design, innovation, and social entrepreneurship. As a gold partner, Structure Tone will play a key role in broadening EcoRise’s impact across the nation.


Already operating in many of the same regions, Structure Tone will support EcoRise’s efforts to engage those communities and motivate students by sending employees to visit classrooms, become project mentors, and explain how Structure Tone implements green practices and sustainable design in real construction projects.


With the goal of helping the nonprofit reach new audiences, Structure Tone is sponsoring twenty new curriculum licenses and helping the organization expand to new areas, including Dallas and New York City. To help EcoRise get started in the Big Apple, Structure Tone’s headquarters will host one of the first EcoRise NYC teacher training sessions, which will be held on August 10th.


“Like EcoRise, Structure Tone believes education is the foundation for social change, and training teachers on how to talk to students about sustainability is the first step in making a real impact,” said Rob Leon, senior vice president of Global Services. “We’re honored to host New York City’s teachers and proud to help EcoRise introduce their mission to our city.”


Facilitating this partnership is Structure Tone’s Emerging Leaders’ sustainability committee, the Eco-Leaders. This committee focuses on corporate awareness in environmental sustainability and will be instrumental in brainstorming new, creative initiatives to increase Structure Tone’s involvement and build on the EcoRise/STO partnership.