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Structure Tone Services
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We work with you to realize your vision, whether that’s setting new standards in building efficiency and sustainability or raising the bar in employee wellness, patient care, hospitality or technology.

Building Evaluation

The building evaluation team, consisting of Structure Tone, facility staff, real estate brokers, owner representatives, architects, engineers, and other consultants, work together to conduct detailed building evaluations and plan for the construction of new spaces. We assist site selection teams by inspecting prospective buildings to determine if properties can support present and future needs.

Building evaluation typically includes:

  • Existing building Department of Buildings (DOB) violations report
  • Review existing vertical transportation
  • Review existing maintenance records of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing for fire protection systems
  • Review existing structural systems
  • Review power availability to emergency systems
  • Hazardous conditions and materials (e.g., asbestos) – APC-5
  • Safety and environmental safety-related items
  • Energy efficiency
  • Utilities and accessibility
  • Millwork and interior finishes
  • Moisture protection components
  • Waterproofing systems and fireproofing
  • Landscape and irrigation systems
  • Exterior façade roof conditions

The team’s evaluations uncover conditions important to understand for long-term decisions, mitigation of unanticipated costs, and informed lease negotiations so that clients can realize the most for their money and a space that suits their needs.

The building evaluation team will work together to devise a Life Cycle and Sustainability Analysis (LCA) to evaluate building costs and uncover the full range of conditions that can impact a building throughout all phases of its useful life. LCA includes installed equipment to evaluate the direct and indirect cost burdens associated with a product, process, or activity. The assessments can translate into cost savings for tenants and/or owners.

Sustainability Evaluation: We assess for existing sustainability or adaptability to LEED® or eco-friendly measures, and to support environmental stewardship and efforts to reduce structures’ carbon footprint.


Structure Tone believes that the efforts put forth in the time leading up to the start of construction are critical to the success of a project. When preconstruction services are implemented, the decisions made during this phase can significantly save clients time and money.

Throughout the preconstruction services phase, Structure Tone staff provides guidance on selection of materials, building systems, equipment, and methods of project delivery. We evaluate and make recommendations on the availability of materials and labor, time requirements for procurement, installation, and factors related to cost, including but not limited to the cost of alternative designs or materials.

During preconstruction, the project is fully programmed from all aspects of budgeting and pricing to schedule and project execution. It is during preconstruction that the plan is developed, and during construction when it is executed. Key services provided during preconstruction include:

  • Value management, providing practical recommendations for constructability, including analyzing building systems, materials, finishes and equipment.
  • Innovative developments to improve quality.
  • Pricing for labor and materials today and for the project duration.
  • Projected labor availability in key trades, local work practices, labor agreement obligations, trade restrictions, and jurisdictional assignments.
  • Trade-by-trade budgets at various levels of design refinement.
  • Schedules including milestone, critical path, and bar chart schedules that highlight long-lead items, procurement timetable, and critical decision points.
  • Prepurchase and fabrication of long-lead and/or early start items
  • Cost-reporting procedures, flow of information, administration of general conditions, and deployment records for cost and manpower.
  • Assessment of construction feasibility, ease and speed of construction, and use of labor-saving, off-site fabrication or pre-assembled building systems.
  • Site logistics planning to optimize the flow of workers, materials, and equipment to and from the building site, with a strong emphasis on safety and minimum impact to on-going site or area operations.
  • Development of safety programs, planning for temporary project facilities, equipment, materials, and services for common use by subcontractors.
  • Bid package coordination and subcontractor prequalification.

“Working with the folks at Structure Tone was wonderful. From preconstruction through completion they were true dedicated professionals. Their knowledge and experience with construction was extremely helpful with permitting and planning. They made the process smooth and met their completion date without any issues.”

– Michael McCaffrey,
CFO, American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay


Structure Tone’s extensive database of projects enables us to create budget estimates with precision. Our approach ensures that no costs will be incurred that are not in the approved scope of work. We create estimates using the collective input of all team members. When construction documents are ready for final pricing, we issue a RFP to our prequalified subcontractors, which include minority business enterprise (MBE) and woman-owned business enterprise (WBE) firms. We compare subcontractor bids to quantity surveys prepared by our estimating and mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and sprinkler (MEPS) staff to ensure that the bids reflect a thorough understanding of project requirements.

Budget Reporting

We track budgets daily and issue updates and summarization reports on a monthly basis or as required by the client. We also immediately notify clients of circumstances that may alter the schedule or budget, with recommendations to maintain the original plan.

Each report includes a change-order log that shows change orders approved to date, submitted but not yet approved, and potential change-order items from a client or subcontractor, with approximate costs based on preliminary information. These reports enable us to:

  • Monitor the original budget vis-à-vis client change orders
  • Track costs-to-date and payments to subcontractors
  • Estimate costs for project completion on a trade and/or work-item basis

Our reporting provides an up-to-date record of financial exposure in all categories, accurate cost understanding, and forecasting on a daily basis if necessary.

Cost Reporting

We use CMiC, a fully integrated cost accounting and project management program. It provides our project managers, estimators, and accounting staff a single source for cost-data input and output, and shows process flow in a manner that duplicates our business processes.


Structure Tone schedules projects in collaboration with all stakeholders and partners using the Gantt Chart and Critical Path Method (CPM) to keep work on track, and whenever necessary, to bring the project back on track. We employ activities sequencing, and additional resources, more shifts, and work overtime as needed to expedite the schedule to achieve the milestones on time and on budget.

We compare actual progress and percentage of completed work to the baseline, client-approved, final schedule. We monitor field work, measure the progress of each activity, and require subcontractors to submit daily field reports, progress photos, and schedule submissions. We update the project schedule monthly or as required, including the remaining time needed to complete each task.

Schedule performance is a major topic at all project coordination and progress review meetings. Our managers evaluate resource allocations, constraints, and accuracy of production estimates to ensure the work is progressing as planned. Our control strategy aims for the most efficient construction time-line possible. We always keep clients apprised of schedule status.

“Given the aggressive construction schedule for this high-caliber project, we needed Structure Tone to provide the very best in construction services, trade coordination, and scheduling to ensure the project finished on time and to Hilton’s very high standards. That is what we received…we are looking forward to working with Structure Tone again.

Mike Elliot, Senior Director, Architecture and Construction,
Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC

Value Engineering

The Structure Tone project team uses value engineering as part of our Value Management Program to save clients’ time and money with no impact to project. We collaborate with architects to review documents for high-cost elements, material availability and long-lead items, constructability, and schedule and logistical issues, and we recommend time and budget-saving alternatives. Suggested changes range from using a different type of stone or light fixture to fast-track scheduling for quicker building occupancy.

Our Value Management process typically includes:

  • Establishing preliminary values as a basis for alternate cost solutions
  • Developing costs for each component and assembling alternatives with their total costs and the functions they must satisfy
  • Developing a comparative analysis of all alternatives, including aesthetic intent and additional maintenance factors
  • Preparing key documentation for incorporation into the construction documents upon owner and architect acceptance

“Structure Tone has been a great partner in the decision-making process of our hotel design, resulting in a better building and a more-informed client. Quick, conscientious, and knowledgeable feedback on varying systems and construction implications is a critical need in today’s development market and their team has consistently fulfilled that role.”

– Matt Hopkins,
Director of Architecture, Streetsense


As one of the world’s leading construction management firms, our annual global construction activity enables us to procure materials and services at exceptionally competitive rates. In working with us, our clients are taking advantage of our volume to ensure highest quality service for lowest possible cost.

We purchase from world-class manufacturers and subcontractors in all major product and equipment categories, ensuring tough project timelines are met, which is critical to the successful completion of every project. We identify long-lead items in the design phase, and work with the client team to solve difficult issues with specified products.

Our preferred purchasing status among subcontractors and manufacturers ensures that our clients can count on not only best prices, but:

  • A “closed loop” in the utilization of electronically executed POs and legally secure Master Service Agreements with our subcontractors and vendors
  • Close interaction with prequalification and accounting departments to ensure our subcontractors and vendors are a financially sound resource for us to purchase materials and build projects
  • Secure manufacturing slots even when dealing with international vendors
  • Minimal escalation of pricing on long-term projects

Our procurement strength can also eliminate the need for volume purchases and deposits to secure cost savings. In short, Structure Tone’s clients can rely on suppliers that provide consistently high quality products and services at the best possible prices, delivery lead times and payment terms.

Chevron was very pleased to partner with Structure Tone. Their professionalism, high standards of performance and flawless execution attributed greatly to the successful completion of this project on-time with top-notch safety. All project goals were achieved to Chevron’s satisfaction, and we look forward to working with Structure Tone on other projects.”

– Maria Marshall, Project Manager,
Chevron Business and Real Estate Services

BIM Services/Virtual Construction

Driving efficiency with Virtual Construction, BIM, 3D Printing & PlanGrid

Structure Tone uses the latest virtual construction technologies, and specifically laser scanning, BIM, 3D printing and PlanGrid result in more effective planning, lower costs, smarter scheduling, reduced change orders, and better collaboration with team members.

Click here to watch how we use BIM & 3D printing to plan and execute our projects.


We use BIM to plan and execute projects and enable our clients to envision their buildings and the construction sequence. BIM fosters collaboration among project designers, engineers, subcontractors and owners by integrating development and construction from the start of a project. Our Virtual Construction group works with a project designer to create detailed 3-D computer models to coordinate the architect and engineers’ work; create leaner designs; determine schedules; reduce costs; and maximize offsite fabrication. BIM enables us to quickly and precisely:

• Create customized models to meet any project’s facilities management and commissioning needs
• Appraise constructability
• Provide clash detection
• Apply and evaluate value management recommendations
• Support fabrication by the trades, thereby reducing the design phase and increasing productivity, both in the shops and in the field
• Update all documents and drawings


Our project team views blueprints on iPad using PlanGrid.  We make changes that can be immediately shared with project stakeholders, providing updated drawings to superintendents, project managers and others in the field, enabling instant feedback about site conditions. It is also a key tool in our QA/QC program.


Structure Tone provides worldwide, comprehensive construction management and general contracting services and ensures that all projects are priced, constructed and completed safely in strict accordance with the contract documents. We professionally coordinate and supervise all construction activities to ensure that your new or renovated facility is completed within a timely and efficient schedule, maximizing the most economical use of your budget.

Typical Construction Activities:

  • Develop and ensure an overall construction schedule
  • Coordinate all daily subcontractor and vendor activities to maintain proper flow and progress
  • Implement and enforce quality control and safety programs
  • Provide daily project administration services including document control and cost accounting/control
  • Coordinate all landlord/building services i.e. vertical transportation, noise mitigation, system shut-downs and tie-ins
  • Provide all equipment start-up and commissioning along with proper end-user training
  • Execute a timely “Project Close-Out”, both punch list items and Financial Close-Out
  • Assist with client Move-In

“Structure Tone’s early and positive engagement with the design team—and the development of a common sense of purpose spanning the client direct contractors, the trade contractors, and the business—helped Camenzind Evolution and ourselves successfully deliver some quite unusual and innovative design concepts for Google’s European headquarters within a very tight timeframe, made tighter by the worst winter in generations—all while maintaining a positive attitude and making it a project that was a pleasure to work on.”

– Conor MacCabe, Director, Henry J Lyons


Mechanical, electrical, life safety, and voice, data, and wireless communications systems are essential to the construction or reconstruction of any building. Structure Tone provides clients with unique capability—Structure Tone’s dedicated, in-house technical professionals and experienced with the technological and operational requirements of constructing and commissioning complex electrical and mechanical infrastructures.

Our project team along with our IT/MEPS experts comprehensively define project requirements and develop a corresponding commissioning execution plan, in conjunction with their design team and commissioning agent.

We begin the commissioning process during the design phase by purchasing the most suitable equipment to meet our clients’ plans. We identify long-lead items early in the design phase, and we use our global purchasing strength to obtain equipment at competitive prices in a timely manner.

We provide commissioning support throughout the life of the project, including on-site, end-user, and operator training, and coordinate the inclusion of client’s operating staff at all factory and field tests. We instruct building staff to understand how systems are installed, where major components are located, and the operating performance of the equipment. We ensure that building staff become familiar with nuances of the installation as well as the location of equipment components that can become problematic over the lifetime of a building.

Some recent projects include:

  • Installing a geothermal system in the heart of mid-town Manhattan
  • Sourcing and installing an emergency egress fire suppressant system to protect a truly unique wood and plaster ceiling
  • Complete infrastructure upgrade to a landmark building as part of its conversion to a boutique luxury hotel


Structure Tone is committed to delivering the highest quality product and realizing our clients’ goals and expectations on every assignment, regardless of size or complexity.

At the completion of every project, each client evaluates the Structure Tone team on 30 specific areas of criteria. In 2015, our total global overall quality score was 8.9 out of a possible 10.

To ensure quality control from preconstruction to punch list, we have developed a strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) Program which adheres to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) regulations. We assign a QA/QC officer for each project and provide for quality audits and reporting to ensure project compliance.

Our QA/QC approach ranges from devising mock-ups to multiple on-site inspections to equipment testing. We coordinate our efforts with all team members, including architects, engineers, owner’s representatives, and brokers to guarantee best practices.

Prior to the execution of any subcontractor agreements, our project teams review all aspects of the construction documents and formulate detailed plans of execution. All subcontractors are required to follow all quality assurance standards, and we closely monitor their performance. Any work or installation deemed unsatisfactory by either a client, an architect, or our own staff members is rejected with a notice of non-conforming work and remedied.

“Over the years, I have used just about every major construction firm in Boston, but none compares to the quality, efficiency, and know-how of Structure Tone. Moreover, they have been the best at communicating with both us and our landlord, and helping me keep everyone happy. Unlike with any other firm I’ve ever used, I’ve engaged them again for some substantial additional work, and I have yet another mid-sized project in mind.”


Michael Thonis, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer,
Charlesbank Capital Partners LLC

Sustainability and Wellness

Design and construction go hand-in-hand when it comes to sustainability and wellness. How we build matters, and we take that responsibility seriously. To date, we have over 130 LEED Accredited Professionals, and our team continues to earn new accreditations, like WELL and Passive House.

We are founding Alliance Members of the WELL Living Lab, we have won a number of sustainability awards, we are in the top 10 of ENR’s Green Building Contractor rankings and every year we report on the findings of our annual sustainability, wellness and resilience survey to ensure we understand the challenges and opportunities our clients face in building sustainable spaces.

We help clients minimize their carbon footprint, promote employee wellness and optimize real estate costs through such services as:

  • Collaborate with the multi-disciplinary project team to set project sustainability, health and wellness goals per the owner’s project requirements
  • Create and adhere to a tailored Construction Waste Management (CWM) Plan which includes waste avoidance options
  • Generate and implement an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Plan which will serve to protect the building’s existing HVAC system during construction and demolition
  • Work with subcontractors in order to determine where specified items can be sourced in order to meet any material transparency or disclosure requirements
  • The onsite construction staff will diligently monitor all products the job site to confirm that sustainability, health and wellness goals are being met

For more on our approach to sustainable and wellness focused construction, please click here.

Jennifer Taranto, Director of Sustainability
Tel: 617.956.3721,  Email:


Structure Tone is fundamentally committed to small, minority, women-owned, and disadvantaged business enterprise (S/M/W/DBE) involvement in our clients’ projects, as well as their participation throughout the construction industry.

Many of our clients set goals for the amount of M/WBE participation that is required. We provide mentorship and training to promote the skills and expand the opportunities for these M/WBE owners.

We also work closely with clients to advise, create, and implement M/WBE participation programs. One such program is our strategic partnership with a Fortune 100 financial services leader. Together we have established guidelines for a formal, comprehensive procurement program for qualified M/WBE services, and this is used as a model throughout our client’s organization.

Structure Tone has formulated programs to assist subcontractors become M/WBE qualified and offers guidance for certification processes. We work with subcontractor associations, civic organizations, and community agencies, and provide technical assistance through training programs conducted by our staff.

Global Services

We partner with clients to help achieve their overarching real estate strategy and manage their construction projects across their portfolios. Structure Tone’s dedicated Global Client Services Group began more than 20 years ago to enable clients to establish and realize a strategic approach to long-term global real estate needs. We provide a single CM team to supplement aspects of their building program and space needs. Unlike other global construction management companies, Structure Tone Global Client Services is scaleable—we’re as excited and dedicated to a $50,000 project as we are to a $50 million roll-out.

We are a primary real estate partner managing construction needs for leading companies in many industries. We provide CM services in more than 100 cities throughout major global locations through our network of Affiliate Partners, Structure Tone’s global network of 25 leading construction management firms. For instance, we’ve had the privilege of supporting Edelman, the world’s largest marketing communications firm, triple in size over the last ten years. Learn how Edelman created a core team of designers, brokers and ourselves to oversee long-range construction project planning and provide space procurement assistance here.

We manage new building construction, renovations, expansions and fit-outs—whatever is necessary to procure, create and adapt the physical structure that fulfills client requirements. Global Client Services manages approximately $400 million in construction projects annually.

No other CM organization has the capability to manage construction and facilitate the range of construction services in as many national and international cities as Structure Tone.

Key services typically include:

  • Single point of contact
  • A Masters Service Agreement that consolidates all services, simplifying the entire building construction, renovation, fit-out process
  • Management of all construction services from pre to post, from planning and design to punchlist and final occupancy
  • Management of projects where Structure Tone does not have a wholly-owned office
  • Coordination of all stakeholder requirements, and best practices
  • Compilation of Life Cycle and Sustainability Analyses to capture all costs associated with the building process

In summary, Structure Tone Global Client Services puts clients into the space they need anywhere in the world, efficiently, on time and on budget. We provide a client’s corporate real estate group with consistency and predictability, and behave as a true partner to all the client’s stakeholders.

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